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Who am I

Name: Jimmy.
Born: 1979.
Work with:  Mecanical engineering, stress calculations  for Atlas Copco Secoroc
listens to: Old rockabilly
Interests: Caravan camping with family, old american iron, mostly old ford trucks.
I like to eat: Way to much food.
Family: Wife since 1999, Son since 2009, Daughter since 2012, Cat since 2003, Dog (boxer) since 2005.


  1. You have put some quality time into your blog. In turn, it has inspired me to restore my 56 that I've owned since 1978. Keep up the good work! Doug

    1. Wow!! Thanks for the feedback, and WHAT a feedback. I feel honored that someone has found the inspiration to start their own restoration on this blog. Better feedback than that is hard to find.


    2. Your welcome. Although I'm not going to do a frame-up restoration, my truck is in relatively good shape. After all, I brought it from California rust free back in 1990. My first priority at this point is to get the beast "351c 4v" fired up. I'm very close to doing this. Once I get it running I need to get the truck out from under a carport and get it moved into our garage. In addition, now that my son is ten years old I feel the time is right to do a father and son project. Lastly, I turn 56 this March and I find it appropriate to do the restore on our 56. Doug

    3. Those sounds like some really good desicisions Doug. Let me know If you have any questions I could help you out with.

      Thanks for posting

  2. Jimmy - this is by far the most complete and comprehensive blog on the restoration process any vehicle, let alone a '56 F100. Your attention to detail in your photos is fantastic. As a '56 F100 owner myself, I have been following your progress for months, with great interest. I eagerly await every one of your posts. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!!!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Adrian. I am just trying to do the best of my abbility.

      I saw that you have tried to place the same comment a number of time and I understand why.

      I have been forced to change the settings for this blogg to include a review of every comment made due to the large amount of spam comments that I am subjected to.

      So please feel free to comment as much as you want to. It just makes it that much more fun for me and everyone else that reads this blogg. It will just take a few hours until I have had the time to review them.

      Thanks once again

      Best regards

  3. Sir, it is a joy to read this web site! I just bought my first fat fender truck, a '48 F3. I have full intentions of street rod-ing it...until looking at this! As an engineer myself, I sincerely appreciate the thought and attention to detail you have put into both the build and the web! A hearty well done! You are giving me pause to rethink my plans...if I continue rod-ing it, I just might have to off frame it and do a complimentary job. I see the beauty and pride in starting back at zero! Nice...Wayne from FTE ~ BuildItFun.

    1. Thanks for the nice words Wayne

      Let me put it like this, I am some what of a pedantic and a control freak put together and in the industrial world we are living in I am not allowed to spend my engineering time at work to the extent into details and product development´, that I really want to, It is basically "to good" so I have had to learn how to make my proffesional "good enough". That is one of the reasons I started this build, to have a platform, where I can spend all my energy into small little shitty details just beacuse I can and that it makes me feel good, and nowone can come and tell me that is "to good".

      It actually bought the truck in 2006 and drove it in rough condition with minor fixes, up until 2011 when we where expecting our second child. Then it sat in the garage up until 2013 when I really needed something else to disperse my thaughts at. From 2006 up until 2013 I had always visioned myself building a streetrod with the whole shabang. My mother, father, wife and everyone else told me not to but I had collected parts for years for my build. When I finally had the parts and decided it was time it just felt wrong to put an angle grinder and welder in a truck that was pretty much stock as it left the factory 57 years erlier....... I just couldn´t do it. I actually sat in the garage on a chair just thinking what to do. Then I spent a few weeks googleing the www for pictures and rare factory option parts and found out that I actually found the stock looking trucks to be really really cool and kind of "one of a kind" amoung all the other streetrods and restomods. The stock trucks are becoming more and more rare. So I decided to turn 180 degrees, put all my streetrod parts out for sale and started from scratch gathering new parts for a stockish build.

      Dont get me wrong trying to convince you to make a stockish build. I am just trying to say that. Take your time and dont rush into it and make mods that everyone else is doning for this and that reason. Figure out what you want and whjat you feel is right.

      I have been told numerous times that I wont like the stock suspension. Well I usually replies that I have actually been driving the truck for about 5 years with a worn and sloppy suspension and sure in was a pleasent experience around town but headin out of town at higer speed it became somewhat less interesting. But I am convinced that a fully restored suspension/chassie will be plenty good enough for me, as I really enjoy the old truck driving experince, it is grease for my soul. If I want to have a really compfortable ride I can take my 2011 daily driver, it is really comfortable but kind of really booring as I do that every day.

      Do it as you want it, not as everyone else are telling you to do it.....

      I saw your truck on FTE. I really love the patina IT LOOKS GREAT.

      And finally, welcome to the addiction !!! ;-) ;-)