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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Swapping out side window crank shafts

Was about to send these to the paint shop when I realized that I had't swapped out the old worn shafts.

New gas pedal linkage

As my truck came with the V8 from factory I had the long gas pedal linkage that enters the engine bay on the right side of the carburetor. Hence now I am planing on a Holley smaller 4-port carburetor the throttle linkage is on the left side of the carburetor (seen from the cab) so I had a friend in the state shipping me an inline 6 carburetor linkage for free. A big thanks to Gary Koontz

Here comes some picture on, as received, media blasted, painted.

Cab Heater core assembly

Ones again I get a receipt on the poor quality on the aftermarket parts. New reproduced core sealer where to small and to thin, it didn't even reach the core  and didn't seal of properly like the old gasket did (not in pictures) so I made my own out of the second layer sound deadener, worked out like a sharm.

Windshield wiper assembly

I have been bad in updating my progress but there comes a few updates in a row, since December 2018

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Lower seat belt mounting points installation

Above: The two middle mounting points inside cab

Below: Stainless reinforcement plate, underneath the truck.

Glove box door "Truck engine oil decal"

Well I just could do it and place the new sticker in any other...."more systematic" way, so I just copied the original placement.

Rest of Layer two in place

Here are some pictures from the rest of Layer two getting in place. When you get the hang of it this is actually really fun.