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Friday, August 10, 2018

Test fitting of Cab and front sheet metal

Cab test fitted and front sheet metal test fitted. No its all up to the paint guys after vacations. Exciting!!! to say the least.

Picked up the last Sheet metal parts

Picked up the last pieces from sheet metal guy here in june. The the paint guys was occupied so at them moment the rest of the stuff is resting in the garage, waiting for the vacations to blow over.

Running board, crack fixing

Both running boards has cracked in the area towards the rear fenders. Trying to att extra support other then just welding the crack. I also ended up annealing all the welds to that they get softer and not as prone to cracking again... I hope.

This post is about 3 months late

Hood support fix

Just behind the front hood badge is a spot welded support. All 4 spot welds had gotten loose, so I had to fix them.
This post is about 3 months late ;-)