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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Lower seat belt mounting points installation

Above: The two middle mounting points inside cab

Below: Stainless reinforcement plate, underneath the truck.

Glove box door "Truck engine oil decal"

Well I just could do it and place the new sticker in any other...."more systematic" way, so I just copied the original placement.

Rest of Layer two in place

Here are some pictures from the rest of Layer two getting in place. When you get the hang of it this is actually really fun.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Mounting of gastank

While I was working with the sound/Heat insulation I needed to mount the gas tank to see if I could fit 8 mm of foam, but it turned out to be to tight so behind the tank I needed to skip the second layer.
Above you see the aftermarket bolt from Midfifty (Exactly as original) the one to the left came with the truck and has been glas beaded and zinc coated. I believe I will use the new rubber grommet and go with the original bolts.

Startup of 2:nd Layer of sound/heat insulation

Why making it easy when you can make it the hard way. The roll of insulation material was 1m wide  or about 40" and I wanted 1 solid pieces in centre of the roof. It was bit tricky to get there as its kind of stiff. But I got it there. With the plastic protection on the backside still in place. It was alot easier to peal it of once in place then pealing it of in advance and then trying to get the piece in place.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cowl electrical wiring clips

This is a second story about the power of facebook and www. About 3 years ago when i disassembled the truck, I tried to get these cable clips loose from the front top of the cowl. No matter how gentle I was the cracked. So I figured pretty much everything else is re-manufactured for these trucks. Bt apparently not these. Then I put out some questions on forums and facebook but came up empty handed. No one hade even seen these kind of clips.....

Everyone stated the clips should look like this (Below) and that the wiring loom should be hanging upside down on the cowl, as these clips is meant to be mounted upside down on the underside of the cowl edge. So I bought a couple of these clips, accepting every ones opinion, but It feelt wrong as they stock one didn´t look like these.

Mounting the 1st layer

Time to start getting the first sound deadening layer in place. I like to get things tidy so lets see how long tie it will take to get the whole cab done with the first layer.

This is time consuming but fun, Especially when its quite cold in the garage and i need to have the heater on and heat all individual sheets before applying them, to get them to stick thoroughly. Using a roller to press the sheets in place and cleaning the sheet metal in advance will leave a great result.