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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rear axel

During the teardown I was fully confident that it was the original Dana 44 rear axel in place. Until one day I was out on the FTE forum and stumbled over a thread where they tried to identify a rear axel. So I started comparing pictures of my rear hump and the picture of a Dana 44. I was still convinced that i had a Dana 44 but there was "something" that wasn´t quite right but I couldn´t put the finger to it. I started searching for indentification pictures on the internet to figure out exactly what rear axel I had under mine. And voila suddenly there it was, It was a Dana 41 NOT a 44. The Dana 41 was originaly under a Ford F1 1948 to 1952.
This is a Dana 41 and nothing else
Bummer someone had switched rear axel sometime to a weaker one? that didn´t match up to my thaughts of a stroker Y block with mummert intake, ramhorns and power cam shaft so the hunt was on for a Dana 44, witch turned out to be a challenge, to find a correct Dana 44 with the Ford big ends, here in Sweden. So eventually I started to look at a ford 9" but the same thing turned up here, it was hard to find a 61" wide rear axel to a decent price here in Sweden. So I turned my eyes towards the state and the big rear axel dealers as Currier, Moser engineering to name a few. When I got there quotas I put my breakfest in the throat, I wont mention any numbers but eventually I found a Company called Quick Performance and a guy named Brydon R, Rapenberg. Now we are talking about personal service, He must have answered alteast to 20 e-mails from me regarding questions high and low and eventually a buildplan of a 9" rear according to my wishes and there posabilities evolved.

The funny thing is that I got a rear axel exactly as I wanted it, assembled and shipped from there location in Ames Iowa to Daly city (San Fransisco) for only $100.

So heres the spec for the 9" heading for Sweden in a near future.

9" Housing/Axle Package (Bare - Custom) - 61" Wheel Mounting Surface to Wheel Mounting Surface
- Centered Housing
- Big Ford (Old-Style) Housing Ends
- New Axles, Axle Bearings, Wheel Studs, & Retainers
- 31 Spline, 5 on 5-1/2" Bolt Pattern, 1/2" Studs
Center Section (Assembled) - New Detroit / Eaton True Trac - 31 Spline
- New Motive Performance Gears (3.89 Ratio) **ITALY**
- New Timken USA Bearings
- 5" Long Pinion Yoke (1310 - Long Narrow)
11" Drum Brake Kit (New Drums, New Shoes, & New Internals)

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