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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Leaf springs, Rear, cleaning

I decided to reuse the rear leaf spring as they performed well and didn´t look that worn, just in a little need of love and care that´s all.

The rear leaf springs was was marked with the FoMoC logo and this number: TAAH-5560-H
Upper:  Cleaned with a wire brush on an angle grinder.
Lower: What I started with.

What I started with!

After the wire brush on angle grinder treatment.

FoMoC markings
Leaf spring edges as manufactured.

Added a radius to the ends where they meet the above leaf, this will make them slide  better, resulting in a slightly smoother ride.

Years of sliding against each other.
The years of sliding against each other has left an edge on the flat surface of the leaf springs, this edge is grounded flat using a flap disk to the angle grinder. If these edges is not removed they can make the leaf stick to each other resulting in a rough ride. Removing this edge will result in a smoother ride.

The cleaned spring is from the middle and up. They one from middle and down is only taken apart.

Cleaning done!

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