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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Adjusting worn rear Y hangers

In this post I have tried to rework the old worn rear Y hangers. With a little bit of patient and a lot of spare time, it seems like I can reuse Henry fords old Y hangers for another 57 Years... or so?

Here I have removed the holding pin and cleaned all the old grease and dirt away. In the picture above the Y hanger is held firmly to the right side and you can see how lateral wear there is.

The inner side is much worse (above) than the outside (below). I figured the cause of this must be that the inner side is subjected to a lot higher forces when taking a corner than the outer side is?

The same wear pattern was also shown on the Y hangers them self. Inner side (above) was a lot more worn than the outside (below).

 First of all I started out taking care of the wear pattern on the Y hangers, using a second cut file and the holding pin and a 90 degree sheet metal piece as rulers to get the sides perpendicular to the hole. As the bushing was worn on one one side I had to make sure just to use the good side of the bushing as a guideline. Once that was done I moved on and mounted the Y hangers in place and pushing it over to the outside, then taking a look on the gap between Y hanger and outside frame bracket. I repeated this procedure several time until it looked something like this ( below)
 Both sides adjusted

Then i turned to the outer surface of the frame braket.

 Now the outside started to look really good (above)

When the outside was done it was time to take a look at the inside. Not looking good, to start with.

As it was quite much to take away I started out using a pneumatic grinder with a fine grade paper. Just to grind of the worst. After that the same procedure was repeated over and over again. Mounting the Y hangers with the pin, identify where to file, remove everything, do the filing etc etc, eventually it turned out like this (below)

Pretty good if I may say so myself?

(above) you can see how mush that had to be removed (both wear and grinding) to get the surfaces perpendicular again. Now I am up for the task to make some correct thickness washers from steel or brass to compensate for the removed material. 

Ahh I forgot one thing........ then I just had to repeat the whole shabang on the other side.  

These two tools where pretty much the only tools I used, and an sheet metal piece with a 90 degree corner. 

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