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Monday, March 17, 2014

Parts wish list

In this section I have listed parts that I am on the look out for! So if you stumble upon this site and have some of the parts listed, leave a message and I will get back to you,

Parts that has been found:

  • Bed hold down washer, have 3, need 1 (I guess).
  • 4 stock 5" wide steel innie rims in really good condition.
  • ECZ 9425-B Intake manifold.
  • NOS Ram horns exhaust manifold or Mummert Ram horns.
  • Ram horn exhaust heat shield gasket NOS (B8T-9448-A).
  • 2 pcs of front window rubber trim joints
  • Road draft tube canister (without hole for pvc valve).
  • Stock rear view mirrors. Square ones on a long arm.With part number B6C-18402-A (comnplete), OR, B6TZ-17696-A (mirror head)
The 48-56 Ford Truck Parts and Accessories catalog (printed in 1964)mentions the following outside mirror kits:
  • 53-55: RH or LH telescopic type, with approx 6" mirror, part# B3TZ-17696-B (replaced BAAA-18402-B)
  • 56: RH or LH telescopic type, with approx 5" mirror, part# B6TZ-17696-A
  • 56 panel: RH or LH non-telescopic type, with approx 6" mirror, part# B8TZ-17696-A
For just the outside mirror heads, the following parts are listed
  • 48-52: 6" face-non glare-less arms part# 1C-17723A
  • 56 panel: 5" round-stainless steel-less arms part# B6C-17723B
  • 53-56: 6" square-less arms B7C-17723-B
    Should look like this:


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