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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Reaming new rear Y-hanger bushings

 Pins didn´t go in further than this after the new bushings had been pressed in to the Y-hangers. It felt like the hole had become slightly oval in shape.
 I was able to find and borrow a 19H7 reamer at a friends work, that is 19.000 to 19.021 according to the tolerance tables and the pins where around 18.95 so that would give me a min of 0.05 and maximum of 0.071mm in play. 

 It was hard to get on picture but the reamer didn´t work the entire inner surface, so I guess it was pretty oval from the press fit.

 Got a really good fit with just a tiny tiny play so that the grease have a possibility to create a film between the pin and bushing. It is so fun to work when you have the right tools to work with.

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