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Monday, June 16, 2014

Engine check up

Engine has been completely disassembled  and has been to a machine shop for measurement, but I get a feeling that I should get a second opinion.......

Translation of the recommendations:

Cylinders are bored to 0.030" over but are abit to large at 92.83mm should have been about 92.7-92.76.
Should be bored to 0.040" over.

Cam shaft is usable and straight within 0.03mm
Lifters usable

Oil pump should be replaced, small scratches and dents, that are signs for contaminants.

Engine block should be top decked just slightly, when in the machine for re bore.

Main bearing surfaces are within tolerances

The rods needed new bushings.

So now its time to decide what route to go fore. Buy a master rebuild kit from Mummert or go for a Tim McMaster complete engine......

Its leaning towards rebuilding my own engine. Not that its´the easiest route but its probably the most satisfying route in the end when I am cruising "my own" restoration.

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