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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Front spring shackle, and pins adjustments

The front spring shackle and the pins, didn´t fit right away.

 I had to grind the flat surface of the pins down a bit to get them to fit correctly. Had to do it on all 4 connected to the shackle.

 The new pins (lower) is not identical to the old one (top) as the grease hole exits 180 degree off. This means that the grease will enter the bushing at the low pressure side, and probably not reaching the high pressure high wear side. I have two option, 
#1 Drill the hole all the way thru, then when greasing the connection I need to jack the truck up by the frame and letting the spring and axle be hanging.
#2 Grind a second flat spot on the new pins so that they are possible to turn 180 degrees placing the grease hole on the high pressure side.

We will see what option I´ll choose later.

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