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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Clutch shaft bushing replacement

Started out by trying to find the joint of the old bushing, there should be a place where the bushing is divided, but I just couldn´t find it, so I took a metal saw blade and carefully started to slot the bushing.

Maybe not the correct way but I took a flat screwdriver and gave it a good wack all the way down.

And eventually it came out in two pieces. SO THERE WAS a joint.

So on the other side I did found the joint, so I never used the saw blade, but this made it just that much harder. But eventually it also came out.

I got some marks from the screwdriver, so I took some emery cloth that I used to smooth the imperfection out. Make sure it´s gone before you mount the new bushings.

The new bushings has an outside and an inside. This means if you are not care full you could mount it the wrong way.

The above picture should be pointing out of the hole.

The below picture should be pointing inwards.

Notice the difference on the grease slots

I used a plastic hammer as a driver and hit that with a metal hammer, witch all turned out well. BUT I don't know if I made any mistake or not but the axle is 22.1 mm and the bushing is only 21.6 mm to 21.9 mm, So it means I have to find an appropriate reamer so that I can get the bushings into specs. More about that later 

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