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Friday, September 5, 2014

Riveting tools

As mentioned in earlier post I found some broken frame rivets. As it was only two rivets I decided to try and replace them using heated rivets, pneumatic airgun ( rivet hammer) and some custom made tools seen below.

Bucking bar to the left, rivet punch in the middle and the air hammer tool to the right.
(old rivet head is placed in the tool to get a feeling of the accuracy)

The rivet punch in the middle is made to slide over the air hammer tools to the right.

Air hammer toll assembled and ready to go.

I tried using a butane torch on a bolt to see how hot I could get it. Well it wasn´t enough so I had to borrow a acetylene/oxygen torch by a friend, man what a difference.
Drawing of the tools and rivets used:

Punch option 1

Punch option 2


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