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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Front suspension, final assembly.

As the aftermarket spring bolts doesn´t have the grease hole on the same side as the stock ones. I decided to drill an additional hole as the aftermarket has their hole on the wrong side, low pressure side.

Added a slight chamfer to the holes.


Ready do rumble.

Both springs in place. Went on like a breeze.

I didnt´t know if their was a front and back on the front axle so I decided to measure if the axle had any built in caster. Well it turned out it didnt. The kingpin is mounted with the locking pin and the angle between the spring mounting palte and the kingpin is 90 degree. This means there are no front and back of the front axle. 

The stock springs should have the extra loop pointing to the rear.

According to the 1956 shop manual

The cutter pins is just slightly bent. If I may need to take them of for some reason before I am finished.

4 degree shims added, as I am planing on powwer steering,

Trying to get the axle in place, alone

There it goes.

U-bolt are called "spring clip" in the shop manual. Couldn´t have guessed that. Well they should be torques to 108-125 ft/lbs

Done. Nest step is to assemble the front axle and steering components.

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