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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Doing some coil spring surface coating preparation.

I have gotten hold on some special purpose rust protecting "hard wax", I figured scince coil springs are of a quite hard steel the paint dont stick very good when the spring flexes and zinc coating is not very good as it can make them brittle and make them crack under continiuos tension or compression, so I figured some hot wax would be ideal. So this is the preparation of the wax chunk.

This is the chunk of wax I got a hold of, looks like cheese LOL. To big to heat in the frying pan, so I had to cut the corners of with a kitchen knife. It was HARD.

On some medium heat. Should not go above 80 degrees celcius as it starts to smoke aove that temperature.

Had to make it a little smaller so I doesn´t get hung up on the edges.

The volume of the liquide wax was larger than the solid state. So the frying pan it starting to look small.

At this stage I had to crank up the heat to get the last solid state to go over into liquide.

Everything has turned into liquide state. Preparation is done (I have gotten the wax in the pan).
The process of coating objects is just to throw them (gently) into the hot wax and wait until the object has gotten the same temperature as the wax, then pic them up with some kind of tool and let them cool of. Voila a really good rust protection.
A nother post will show that process and the final result.

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