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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Drag link assembly

Time has come to assemble the drag link

According to the work shop manual, this is the correct order of the parts, to be assembled into the drag link. The end of the drag link that goes to the spindle horse shoe is the side that has the hole 2 3/4" from the end. In the above picture that side is the one to the left.

Spindle horse shoe side.

Pitman arm side

Some thread tape to seal the grease from leaking.

Grease fittings in place.

Rubber sealer in place

One of the cups is alreade inside and then the ball on the horse shoe, then comes the parts according to the picture above.

The end caps are to be tightened until the springs bottoms out, then back of to the first cotter pin hole, all according to the workshop manual.

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