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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clutch and brake pedal assembly done!

Had some new washers made for the clutch pedal from stainless steel, The old ones where beyond rescue....


  1. Jimmy,

    I like the finished product. Hopefully, mine will look like this (and work great too) sometime soon.


    1. Gary

      I am convinced you will do a great result !!

  2. Awesome site Jimmy! Thanks for all the pictures and guidance.
    Can I ask - did you install a residual valve with your dual MC drum / drum setup?

    1. Thanks William.

      Amazing you actually found a post that I apparently have forgotten to make. The post on brake line routing and inline residual valves.

      Yeap I did mount one one residual valve on each chamber/system as close to the MC as possible but after the brake light switch.

      I will make a post as soon as I have the time.

      I used wilwoods inline red residual valves, cant remember the size at the moment??

      Thanks for appreciating my page :-)