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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rear trailer hitch, parts arrived.

This week one of the most important parts arrived from a friend that has helped me out machining it.

In the picture above I have done the last finishing touches before it´s off for welding together with the brackets. I wanted this part to be welded by a professional, just to be safe. The finsihing touches was some small fillets on the edges and a chamfer on the hole so that the ball stud could fit correct.

I actually did a lot of FEM simulation to get this part as strong as possible. As you can see the inner radius is actually not a radius, but an elips, this distributes the loads onto a larges volume witch decreases the stress levels on the inner radius.  

I probably have the only wire-EDM manufactures tow hitch in the world. Well the reason is that the milling machine was occupied and the wire EDM was available.
Big thank you.

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