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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Exhaust routing #2, Axle kickup

Time to make a drawing for my friend to bend the exhaust pipes. Layed out the straight pipes and a wooden ruler to simulate the bed and from that its just a matter of measuring out all the dimensions

Here I drew out the rear axle centre line, bed underside and the first cross member after the rear axle, I also knew that the mallet for the pipe bending machine had a inner radius of 120 mm, Then I just started drawing out something that could full fill following demands. Not hit the axle at full suspension travel, not hitting the frame cross member or the damper mounts, and keep it as close to the underside of the frame cross member as possible without having to cut and weld the pipes as I want one continuous pipe. 

No its of to my friend.

I hope I did all the measurements right .......

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