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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

15" -56 Stock looking steering wheel??

Would that be possible?? I have seen in a Classic truck magazine a few years ago a guy that made a 15" ish stock looking steering wheel by taking the ring form a nother steering wheel and weld and mold it onto the stock centre. However I actually got a hold of this guy to ask him if he could think of doing a nother one. His answere was actually no, and it wasn´t because he didnt´want to but that he said it always cracks in the joint between the new ring and old centre despite what ever he tried doing. 
So that borned the idea if it would be possible to actually make a completley new steering wheel from scratch. So I made some googleing about how to cast your own steering wheel, and it actually dont seems to difficult....

This doesn´t show a steering wheel with a steel frame, but I figure that is in the details.

So I started out making a cad model of the steering wheel I want. Turned out about like this. A few details remains.

The plan (as of now) is to find someone that can 3d print a full size model in some durable plastic, have the surface treated and painted to get the correct surface finish, then use that as a templete for a silicone rubber mold, witch later is going to be used together with a stock steel core and some 2 component polyurethane with close to same hardness as bacelite.

well thats where I am at right now, we will see how the next step turns out.

Wish me luck ;-)

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