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Monday, February 1, 2016

Make your own $15 shrinking disc

I have been looking for a shrinking disc for some sheet metal work, but as I live in Sweden I wasn´t able to locate a retailer selling this stuff in Sweden and I really didn´t want to spend $80-$100 and have it shipped from the states incl shipping, taxes and stuff. But the other day I was at IKEA and passed thru their kitchen ware department and saw this....

and I did´t see a saucepan, I saw a shrinking disc......

the saucepan was about $10

Bought a support disc for the angle grinder at a hardware store for another $5.

And some light fabrication, this is what I ended up with.

It was easy to locate the centre on the inside of the lid

Small pilot hole 

Enlarged the hole to make the support disc locking nut to fit.

Took a pipe I had to make a chamfer that the support nut can hide inside. To prevent the nut from scrathing the sheet metal in operation

Took a hammer and tapped the locking nut slightly to create the chamfer on the lid centrepart.


And it worked out great

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