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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pay it forward!!

You know it´s not just in the movies!!

A couple of weeks ago I took my original beaten up bed appart to get the salvagable parts from that and combine with some other original bedsides (better shape) that I had found. The thing is that the four 5/16-24 unf panhead pozidrive (phillips) screws (two on each side) that holds the top of the bedsides together with the front panel where rusted and 2 of them broke of when I tired to save them. Well i figured I just order som new ones online.
But it turned out harder then I expected to find these particular bolt, either they had the hex drive (that I just couldn´t find myself putting visable on a -56 truck) or they where made out of stainless. Just didnt want to paint over stainless and possibly have the paint peeling of in a couple of years. So after searching all the possible ways over the www I threw out a last question on one of the smaller Ford truck facebook groupes (Group) and a gentleman named John Paradela approached me and told me that he also had been looking for these same bolts for his -61 transmission cover. He told me that he would let me know if he found any around Vallejo California. He kept contact with me over PM on facebook and one thing lead to another and eventually he found a company that could make these particular bolt for us, min order 100 pcs in yellow zink, low carbon for $ 0.51/pcs. Bulls eye. I told him that I would be glad to pay for some inc shipping to Sweden, and today I got a package in the mailbox with 30 pcs inc $22.50 shipping. I sent him a PM asking where to transfere the money and he told me to "Pay it forward"

This just made my whole week. I cant really put words on how grateful I am that a total stranger from the other side of the globe helped me out, and just tells me to "Pay it forward".

I will certainly do just that!! and more than once, thats for sure.

Thanks John Paradela! you made my week.

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