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Monday, April 18, 2016

Rear trailer hitch, thread failure.......sight!!!!

Rear tow hook assembly and bumper has been assembled and it´s time to mount the tow hitch threaded ball M24 according to these instructions. The state that if the thread is waxed the M24 size is needed to be mounted with 419 Nm

Hole to be mounted into.

Thread and nut mating surface is waxed.

Some masking tejp to protect the paint from scratching.

Now the fun parts begins, Set the torque wrench to 300 Nm to make sure not to over tighten the nut at the first stage. Started to tighten it and the resistence starten to increase slightly and then it stop increasing and got really easy!!!!! Tried to back it of but the nut just starten to spin. F.....U......C.......and you can guess the last letter!!!

Had to take the angel grinder to get it off. A phone call to tech support and asking them what I did wrong!! and they said "nothing???"

Waxed should result in about 419 Nm and this one failed well below the set value of 300 Nm and the torque wrench is borroved from my work where it´s calibrated at even intervalls.

The supplier wanted be to send it back and they will have a new one sent out. But when I asked to what torque I should torque it down to he started to hesitate!!!

Tha feels comfortable......or not.

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