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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rear fenders, paint stripping #2

Damn 24 hours later and the paint hasn´t risen yet, I guess the former owner had putten on a 2K primer, I was a bit dissapointed and decided to take the parts out for a wash to get all the paint stripper off. But wait a minute......

Barey a scrath when I used the a  flat screw driver.

Ahhhaaaa look at this!! I took them out and sprayed them off but the paint was still there no change at all, but then I took and old dishwasher brush and started brushing and then almost all the paint started to dissolve like a thick paste. Some decreaser and dishsoap and 2 hours later the iunside looks like this. But I belive the outside will be getting a treatment with the sander first of all.

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