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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Bed wood fitting

Time to do some finishing carpentery to the bed wood so that the bed wood will become the higest point, 

Triming the edges so that the bedstrips gets lower than the bed wood. So that parts wount slide around as easy as if the bed strips would have been the higest point. I am using larch wood that will only be treated with copperized and nothing else. So I wont have to be deeling with any coating that might get scratched. Larch is naturally a good wood  against rot. 

When milling is done I also used a manual planer to ease the edes of slightly at 45 degree (got no picture of that though)

Testfitted the parts

Also milling the ends to make the bed end wood strip flush with the wood.

The 4 centre bolt holding the bed onto the frame proved to be offset by 7 mm form the boards centreline. I assumed that it was centred when I where about to drill the hole but in the last second I thaught about "mesure twice - drill once" and that saved me alot of extra work.

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