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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Build plan

The leed words in this renovation is: Saftey first and a stock apperance second.
This means that I can allow myself to deviate from a stock apperance for saftey reasons but when it comes to modifications I really want
things to atleast look like it could have been done in the factory in 1956.


Midfifty short and smooth leaf springs
( nope I finally decided to go stock height)
So it became the short and smooth stock eye front spring that will give a stock height but the comfort of the nylon buttons.
Update 2014-11-11
Well pretty much everything dont turns out the way you expect.
The first shippment of stock ride height midfifty nylon button springs where lowering springs with reversed eye......they sent me the wrong ones....second shippment turned out to have stock eye but lower arc, so they had the exact same ride height as the lowering spring despite midfifty telling me they didn´t. same spring stiffness and everything, they had just sent me another set of lowering spring but designed with stock eye. Well well after some discussion they did the only thing possible and refunded me ALL of the money.
Then I ordered a set of NOS TAAA-5310-B 8 Leaf springs from Dennis carpenter. Which turned out to be one factory stock spring and one ford part replacement spring. Same spring stiffness and look but slightly different design where more of the stresses is taken by the smaller springs instead of the main sping. I guess Ford had some issues with service life of the factory stock springs, so they updated the design so that the main leaf got better service life, otherwise they are the same springs.
But the sence of details of these suppliers are somewhat questionable. If I order two springs I would appreciate if they could send me two IDENTICAL springs. Maybe it´s just me being pedantic.

Midfifty Sway bar front and rear
Keep the stock "new" drum brakes
CPP serie 400 "toyota style" power steering box
Pias ply white walls in the front and possibly Firestone bias ply dragster slicks in the rear (not shure) otherwise same as in the front
Midfifty Dual master cylinder (without booster)
Keep front and rear axel, just renovate.

Engine & trans:

Original Matching number engine will be preserved and stored as is for the future.
Matching numbers really didn´t existed until later. The matching number is only a datecode that hasto be pre or same as the car/truck manufacturing date.

New engine will be built:

Engine planes

Stock 3 on the tree with OD

"Comming soon"

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