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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Truck history

This story was told to me by the second owner in Sweden (the guy I bought it from):

The first owner in Sweden imported this truck in the late 1980´s, the truck was registered in Sweden and given a licenseplate number but was never registered for road use nor, MOT approved until 2005.

The first owner had to sell it in 2004 when he (for some unknown reason) was
kiked out of the garage he was keeping all the stuff in (completely in parts). So he had to throw everything together "in panic" and sold it to the second owner

From now on: it´s my own words:

I bought the truck in 2006 from the second owner, that admitted that his technical skills didn´t allow him to own this kind of vehicle, or more accurate, he couldn´t afford to hire people all the time to fix the stuff that didn´t work.
Pictures from the ad, when I bought it

Pictures from the ad, when I bought it

And I can tell you that it was alot of things that didn´t work or was assembled incorrectly. In other words the truck ran like a piece of shit when I bought it. The clutch didn´t work as i supposed to to, and it backfired a lot.
During the 7 years I have owned the truck I have fixed the most important stuff to get it to ride as close to a normal vehicle as possible, and also some small stuff here and there.
But now, after 7 years of ownership I have finally decided what kind of restoration I would like to do, it has been a lot of ups and downs and back and forth, from street custom to hotrod, Boss 302 to modular engines but everything felt wrong everytime I saw how close to original condition this truck was in.
I could find how many MII front, 9" rear, small/big block ford (& chevy?) & bagged, trucks on the internet (nothing wrong with that) that I felt that I didn´t want to go the same route.

So I decided to go with this instead (Restoration plan) "Comming soon"

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