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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tear down

This is what I started with.

Front axel, front fenders.
Grill removed.
Hood and the rest removed.
Someone has been here not long ago, but the block paint is coming of in pieces,
so I am looking forward to the "after" pic.
The engine hoist lended me a hand to remove the rear farm bumber,
Good to haver that extra weight when driving in snow.
I could barley lift it by hand.
Rear fenders are off.
Under the bed. I have some straightening to to.
8 Bolts and  2 friend later. No bed, And NO it´s not standing on moving boxes,
look under the rear axel.
Interior, gas tank, steering column are out, and so are the doors
The wiring is just marked and attached to the cowl, until I will get started with the body work.
Rear axel out. But what about this Rabbit, Witch shoe goes where?
I have the small ones in the rear? shouldn´t they be the other way around? small ->front, Large-> rear?
I have had problems with poor brakes when using the parking brake? Might this be the reason?

It looks like the previous owner got the shoes on bakwards: autofundamentalsbrakes Look further down on the webpage at the title: "Servo Action, Self-Energizing Brakes".

Springs completely removed.

After 1 Hours of work a friday night. Temporary Cab chassie.
Need to lower the frame so that the cab doesn´t hit the roof ,
when we lift it.
Frame lowerd to the ground.
I am lucky to have friendly neighbours, 

Lets hit the road!!! Nevermind the shity dryer in the background,
Or remnants thereof.

Oh shit what have I done, But the frame  looks
 really good, nothing big to deal with so far.

Lägg till bildtext

The temporary cab chassie will be worth its weight in gold1

Definetly need a new battery tray.

Lets start with tearing out the motor and trans.

Exhaust manifold and cross over pipe removed, as with carb and wiring.

Time to remove the gearbox. Picture of the gear selectors for memory later. 

Gearbox and the radiator and radiator shroud out of the way.

Funny thing lower radiator hose pump side.

same hose but the radiator connection. Anyone see the difference?
Should it be like this?
Radiator U support. Some previous . has been productive.
Removing the x support braces, important part to keep the front
sheet metal steady.

The front bumper has been sitting like this since I bought it in 2006.
When stumbling ower a couple of stock OEM front bumper towing hooks
 "BAAA-18245-A" The seller pointed out the obvious. The bumper is
Jesus so obvious, but I had totaly missed it . I thaught it looked funny but...
This is how it should look like

Same but from the top.
Right rear engine mount! I wounder if this has ever been cleaned and/or replaced science -56?

Left one. Same thing. It took a while to remove the grim with a flat screw driver,
to find the old nut.

Time for the big lift. If putting an engine into a frame/car/truck is called a marriage,
then this must be a divorce. Right, atleast for a while.

Here it comes without any problems.

Time to remove the bellcover.

That was way to easy. When am I about too stumble upon mr Murphy??

Here he is!! I thaught so. I realized I didn´t have a tool to lock the flywheel from rotating,
So what do you do? This is not pretty or nice but it worked out really good. I put in one of the screws for the bell housing and then  took a strap for securing trailerloads and straped that sround the flywheel, centreing the hooks over the screw. Functional but certainly not pretty

There it goes!!! almost almost  done with the tear down, just a few details down the road to have a bare frame.
Now the fun stuff begins.
Rear emergency brake cable braket. (for memory)

Emergency brake cable braket and rear brake hose frame to axel braket.

Master cylinder location.

Old master cylinder and braket assembly (as memory)

Rear crossmember under Cab. Cab has never been off. Years of collected dirt!

Bare frame!!! HALLELULJA MOMENT!!! Time for refurbishing and rebuilding.
But that´s another chapter.


  1. Hej,
    Bra jobbat.
    Jag har också en 1956 F-100 som jag renoverat under desenaste åren.
    Om önskar kan du få ta del av mina åtgärder.

  2. lower radiator hose....2" pump end 1 3/4" radiator end. normaly a molded hose

    1. Great! thanks! I´ll find the molded version so it becomes a little safer and more pretty.