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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Front axle tear down

The axle was pulled in a unit when disassemble the truck, and now the time has come to take it apart. I started by flipping it over and placing it upside down on top of the frame and clamped it, then it got easier to work with.

The drums came of in a hurry......but something was wrong??? something just didn´t look right?? it took me a few seconds but then it hit me. The primaries was both on one side and the secondaries was both on the other side, BUMMER. Some previous owner maybe should have been doing something else than trying to fix this truck.

Brakes removed, went like a charm.

 Hubs went like a charm as well but the backing plates or whatever they are called took a little persuasion, 2 nuts out of 8 I had to split with a hammer and chisel. When it came to the tie rod I hade gotten a tip from one of my neighbour that I would be a breeze to make the ball joint come loose from the spindles if I took two big hammers and used one as an anvil against one side and hitting the spindle arm on the opposite side of the anvil right at where the ball joint is located, (those small rust colored hit marks). It took only a couple of good hits on both side for the ball joints to literally pop out.

Taking out the Kingpins was really easy and they just slid out of the spindles and axle. Disassemble done

Spindles and drag link after disassemble and hot water cleaned in a industrial parts cleaner. Threads and spindle axle prepped with isolation tape as a protection for media blasting.The horse shoe ball stud needs to be replaced as is is quite oval when measuring it. What to expect? I doubt it has ever been changed science 1956....

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