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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Original Color Codes

Here at Paint Ref one can find translations from Old ford paint codes to new ones. On this page I have tried to find pictures of trucks with "correct" paint name and code.
Bear with me as this page is a work in progress. I add pictures when I stumble upon good examples.

1954 Glacier Blue.  Ford code M0184
Courtesy Fernando P Martinez.

Courtesy: Kevin Samarigan aka Bigwin56f100
 Courtesy: Kevin Samarigan aka Bigwin56f100

1956 Vermillion (Torch) red.  Ford code M1722

1956 Diamond blue, Ford code M0523.
1956 Colonial white, Ford code M0524

1956 Medow green , Ford code 14283
1956 Medowmist green, Ford code M0527,
Courtesy Dirt Boy on FTE.

1956 Goldenglow Yellow, Ford code M0531,
Courtesy Dave aka ImSoQuasy on FTE.
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