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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Front axle media blasting

All front axle parts media after media blast, except tie rod, witch I intend to replace with a heavy duty one because of the power steering box, and the front I beam as I intend to send it of to the guy who also will media blast the frame. The I beam didn´t quite fit the blasting cabinet.

Hubs turned out nice, Just wainting for the paint prep and paint.

Draglink has new internal parts wainting for it and the left spindle needs a new ball stud, but the kingpin bushings and king pins actually turned out factory spec??? I wounder if someone have been here before me?? Bushings .858" and pins to .856" with a slide caliper. Factory spec says 0.8595 and 0.8575..... ??
I have ordered a king pins set but I will have the stock ones measured with a micrometer before decideing if I am going to change them or not.

Front axle lower damper mount to the right and spring plate to rubber acorn, before media blast

After media blast.

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