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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Status check engine, Part 1

Sunday afternoon and my son was feeling a bit down from a cold so I asked him if he wanted to go out to the garage and doing some work on the truck. I hadn´t planed on doing anything on the engine until the chassis was done but I figured the engine could be something we do together the times he want to be with me in the garage. So out we went and started with pulling the intake manifold. I didn´t have a clue on what condition engine was in other than it didn´t drank any oil but had a slight knocking sound on the right bank.... so we will see how this ends up.

I loosened the bolts and he did the rest

OK, I helped him out lifting the intake and valve covers of

Well it looks like someone has been here not to long ago.

They aren´t dried out!! but the first rocker stand to the left in the above picture broke into two pieces when taking apart. and the shafts have some good wear at each rocker, so these needs some tender love and care.

WELL what do you know!!, someone has definitely been here before, look at the mods for the the increased lubrications for the cam and lifters.

ECG castings, "ECG 272 cu. in V8 1955 to 57 cars and trucks. Typically Dearborn casting" according to Mummert web page.

Hey guys!! what about this headgasket. Is it correct??? I belive it seems like some of the water channels have been blocked of ? or am I wrong, This one is the left bank, so to the right would be the front of the engine.

The caliper sad 3.65" so I figure that would be first oversize (0.030") over 3.62"....right?
No edges and still see the cross hatch patter from the honing, that must be a good thing.

Well about here it was time for dinner so bear with me, more will come, next time my son (or daughter) want to go outside and get their hands dirty.

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