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Sunday, March 2, 2014

CPP Dual master cylinder, Drum Drum mockup

 Got some new part from the states, they are supposed to be "bolt on" but this kit is far from "bolt on". Maybe for the automatic trans application. But I am going with the stock clutch and manual transmission and then the offset of the CPP master cylinder and the brake pedal is about 30 mm. This results in an interference between the clutch linkage "hook" and the bolt for the master cylinder push rod

The solution I am probably going for, is to modify the stock part of the bracket assembly at witch the new bracket is attached to, cut this up and move attaching face 30 mm against the frame... well see if that will work?

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  1. It turned out that I had not made my homework. There are some parts missing, a more narrow u bracket. But however I dont like the idea with offsetting the pushrod on a bolt like that, it just doesn´t feel right...