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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Leaf spring perch modification #2

When test fitting the lower damper and axle bracket I noticed that the increase in axle diameter from stock 2.5" (Dana 44) to 3" for the ford 9", made the U-bolts a bit short. So I decided that I would take about 6-7 mm out of the thickness off the spring perches.

Above: I used the bracket for the CPP dual master cylinder bracket as a distance. Put one of the perches on top of the bracket and the other one on the desk, took a pencil and drew the contoure. See below. Made this for all sides of both brackets.

 This is how it turned out after some work with a rotating tungsten file.

Above: The final result after adjusting the height of the spring perches. A lot better with the bolts sticking out slightly through the nuts.
Stock U-bolts and brackets can actually fit a 3" tubing instead of the stock 2.5", with some slight modifications.

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