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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rear leaf spring perch modifications #1

When I ordered the new rear axle I was given a set of free spring perches, however I forgot to tell them what width i needed, so I got a 2.5" wide set and my rear leafs are only 2". This meant that the U-bolt couldn´t fit over these perches. 

So I simply marked up how much that needed to be cut away and went at it.

Cutting done, fitting them together with a magnet.

After some welding the looked like this, see below. I am no professional welder and only has a small 130 Amp MIG welder so I have to cut some corners and make some pre work to get a full burn thru. Not the prettiest welds but they will hold things together.

 After some grinding and a trip thru the media blast box they look like this. 

And finally I took them to work and used the coffe breake to make the 16.5 mm hole.

Now we have a small progress. Next step is to make the lower damper and spring bracket fit the wider axle tube. More to come.....

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