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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rear sway bar, mockup, first try

First mock up of the rear anti sway bar. I read the instruction and and was told that the sway bar should be located on the same side as the springs are mounted. So I test fitted everything with the sway bar on top of the axle and everything worked out great except for one thing. The axle bump stop will hit the sway bar exactly outside the sway bar rubber mount, when fully loaded. The other thing is that the frame mount is almost exact the same width as the inside of the spring so when loaded the spring will touch the frame mount. The only solution I can figure out is to mount the sway bar under the axle despite what the instruction says and flip the frame mount and elongate the strut in between. It will be quite s long strut, so to prevent it from (buckling) I figure I could switch the pipe section for one with larger outer diameter.
And one last thing I found the axle mounts so incredibly ugly so I will try to make some perches much like the spring perches and weld these to the axle, and if possible make another mount for the rubber bushings as well.

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