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Thursday, April 17, 2014

CPP dual master cylinder, drum drum application, braket modification

Well on this page you can see the first mockup I made of the CPP dual master cylinder with bracket kit, that is suppose to be a bolt on kit. By all meaning it is a bolt on kit but with some drawbacks. First of all the centerline offset between the brake pedal and the cylinder is 35 mm (1.378") and CPP deals with this in a way that´s just doesn´t cut it for me safty wise. The bolt can bend.....period. The other thing is that CPP states that this kit will place the master cylinder reservoir just below the old cab floor hole......Well it doesn´t its 35 mm off!! that half the reservoir lid !!!. 
The modification I have done will join the brake pedal and cylinder centerline and also put the master cylinder reservoir lid right where CPP states it should be.

 Here I made some markings where I wanted the cuts to be made, 35 mm apart.

 As the upper part has a U shaped cut out that needed to be filled, I simpley choosed to move the entire top part 35 mm and spimple cut of the "ear" and later drill a new replacement hole.

 Here you can the the lower part of the braket where the 35 mm cut a way part was made.

 Tac welded in place

 Above you can see that I used the initial black markings as a guidline to mate them 35 mm further to the right in the picture. If I also cut away the upper right ear it pretty much all done.
Above: The ear I cut a way had the exact right angle to fill upp the created angular void. Just cut away the leftovers

 First mockup of the tac welded pieces.

Above: The CPP bracket just barley touches the frame. We cant have it that way, can we.
 When it was still test fitted to the frame I made the markings to where the frame touched the bracket.

Above: First of all I cut away the little reinforcing triangle.
Made all the cuts
Tac welded the triangle into place
 Not the most beautiful weld but it keep the parts together.

Now it clears the frame

Just some welding on the stock bracket left, otherwise it´s all done.

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