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Thursday, April 3, 2014

New rear axle, second mockup

Above the right Y hanger is mounted with the adjusted washers. Now I don't have any play radially or sideways, will be interesting to see how much total play there will be when everything is in place?

 Left and Right front spring mount, with it´s appropriate washer made from thru hardened steel. I choose to place the washers that is touching the spring on the inside as these surfaces had been suffering from the worst wear.

The engine hoist came in hand

Spring cc dimension was 40.25", exactly the same as the cc of the front spring frame mount, so now twist anywhere.
 Rear axle clamped in place. In this picture you can also see the Polyurethane bushings on top pf the frame, where I am thinking of making/fabricating/mount a custom rear sway bar, that may cope with the large spring travel of a stock suspension. The CPP sway bar is not really that good when it comes to function and fitment according to my conception.

I must say that it´s amazing how "firm" the suspension got by replacing the bushing and adding som distance washer, The old suspension wobled like an old mans worn out knees, but now the sideways movement is stiff like ..... well never mind that metaphor

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