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Thursday, August 14, 2014

People I would like to thank

Here´s a list of all the people that help me out on this build, it might have been in form of finding parts, giving good advice, lending the proper tools, helping me out fixing some of the parts I couldn´t fix myself, lending me a helping hand when I had to make some heavy lifting that I couldn´t do by my self, the list could go on and on and on.

The list will be updated as the build progress.

Kevin Samarigan (USA) (aka Bigwin56f100)
Timmy McMaster (USA) (Engine builder)
Håkan Karla Karlström (Sweden) (Tools and advice)
Magnus Lifbom (Sweden) (Neighbour)
Sten Karlsson (Sweden) (Neighbour)
Lars-Arne Fredriksson (Sweden) (Neighbour)
Anders Daleby (Sweden) (Neighbour)
Leif Johansson (USA/Sweden) (Importer)
Mats Lindgren (Sweden) (Co worker)
Jonas Falkeström (Sweden) (Co worker)
Pavel Medvedev (Sweden) (Co worker)
Michael White (USA) ( Co worker)
Kurt Lövgren (Sweden) (fellow F100 1956 trucker)
Johan Wessberg (Sweden) (Co worker)
Keith Mackling (USA) (Co worker)
Robert Hersey (USA) (Co worker)
Krister Jansson (Sweden) (Friend)
Johan Salmi (Sweden) (Co worker)
Bosse (Sweden) (Co worker)


Facebook groups:
Y block Lovers
Ford Y block
1956 Ford F100 lovers
1953 1954 1955 1956 Ford trucks

Grantek Mekaniska
Fagersta Smide
Mcdonalds Obsolete Parts Co (Will) (NOS outside door rear view mirrors)
Autopartsobsolete (NOS y-block exhaust heat shield gasket)
Blästrings service i Ludvika
John Mummert

Peter Olsson (eaton ps pump, NOS overdrive solenoid, used guvernor)
Good old bear (Altmans easy latch kit)
Fivegone2003 (NOS 2 belt harmonic balencer)

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