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Thursday, September 25, 2014

A second set of "some" NOS rear view mirrors

Well when I was looking for a set of the originals square rear view mirror heads I stumbled upon these on Ebay advertised as B7C-17723-B. But that partnumber referes to a 53-56 about 6" square head less arms. But apparently the pictures and add text, a 5" round mirror.
However there is this part# B6C-17723B that is almost identical exept the 7 is replaced by a 6, and that number referes to a 56 panel: 5" round-stainless steel-less arms.

Well never mind, by the time I found this add and had asked around a littlebit on the partnumber that wasn´t correct in the add, I figured I would just place a bid ( at the moment is was a $10) what could I loose. I just wanted to know what they ended up at. I was automatically overbided up to $15.50 where I became the higest bidder. 2 days later I won them for $15.50.

Well thanks, I guess.......I can come in handy sometime


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