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Friday, September 26, 2014

Designing custom rear swaybar

After the first mockup of the rear (CPP) rear sway bar, I found out that, that swaybar wouldn´t cut it for me when going axle under springs and stock ride height. See here. When putting the swaybar ontop of the axle, the stock rubber bump stop will hit the swaybar instead of the axle itself. If putting it under the axle, the swaybar is sitting so low that when comressing the leafspring all the way down to the rubber stops the front arms of the swaybar will be very close to the ground. This was just not a solution that would cut it for me. 

After much consideration I decided to scrap the whole swaybar thing and go with clean stock suspension, this will not be a racer any day of the week. I will just enjoy it as it where once designed.

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