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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rear spring lubrication

The whole chassie, and all the little things that goes with it, is back from media blast and paint. Now it was time to apply the special leaf spring lubrication I have found on the internet. Leaf spring lubrication (unfortunatelly not available in english). It dries and becomes non sticky, it appears to be bitumen based.

I actually ordered the plastic inserts (polylines) but to be honest when I tried assembling it it looked like shit, especially when you are trying to make a stock "ish" resto. So I tracked down this solid, dry, bitumen based leaf spring lubrication instead. We will see how it turns out?
Springs are painted and ready for dissassembly and lubrication.

Started out with the three progressive leafs of the rear springs, to find out what actually was inside these bottles.

 It was very fluent when it first came out of the bottle, but quite quick it dried and became sticky and thick. After just a few hours it was completley dry.

Over to the rest of the rear springs.

Above: One side is all done 
Below: The dried surface after a few hours of waiting. Looks wet and sticky but its not.

Above: The other side is done
Below: All assembled again, it will be interesting to see how this works out.

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