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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Deviation from factory stock

In this post I will declare all the changes I have made from Factory stock, that I am aware of

  1. CPP power steering box LINK (comming soon) with Eaton power steering pump LINK
  2. Ford 9" rear instead of the stock Dana 44. However all the main dimensions is keept to factory dimension. 61" wide, BIG ford style brake bolt pattern, yoke centreline to axle centreline is same. The gear ratio is however 3.89 instead of stock 3.92. And the centre piece is  equipped with a torsion differential. LINK.
  3. The old single master cylinder is change for a more safe dual master cylinder LINK 
  4. Speedometer scale is switch from MPH to KPH, LINK
  5. The old battery tray was rotten thru, Switch to an aftermarket one that is made for modern batteries. LINK (comming soon)
  6. Turn signal switch, was as option on these trucks. My truck was not equipped from factory but I have gathered the period correct parts for the modification. LINK
  7. Bench seat upholstary LINK.
  8. Exhaust manifold, Instead of stock cross over pipe, I went for the Ford big job series Ram Horns
  9. More updates as the restoration progress.

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