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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rear trailer hitch/bumper brackets, start

I have made some plans to replace my old farm bumper with a new stock reproduced rear bumper, together with a tow hook. The tow hook I have choosen is this:

It´s made by monoflex and the partnumber is 50.03. The D-value is 17.17 kN and the corresponding D-value for my truck (total weight 2270kg) together with 1500 kg maximum trailer weight gives a D-value of 8.83 witch is well below the 17.17 for the tow hook. It´s a 50 mm tow hook with a M24 thread and costs 280 Sek. The hook is granted for 3500 kg.

Tonight I also took some measurement for the brackets. Will make some cad drawings for these that will show up here eventually.

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