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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The mysterious brackets.

When I bought this truck back in 2006 I got a box of old parts with it. Most of it was junk, but I have keept it like I recieved it 8 years ago...... In this box there was two pieces of metal with square holes in it. I have never been able to figure out where these pieces should have been mounted. When I had taken the the truck completely appart, I had still not figured it all out, so they have been laying on the scrap pile for almost a year. TODAY I figured it out, and it was so logical. The bed is located at the back of the house, Today I was out with the kids and I looked at the bed and then I just HIT me. THERE should they be, OF COURSE!!. It was some kind of reinforcement for the spare  tire carrier.

Sometimes the ponnies upstairs do not work that fast.....

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