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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Spindel assembly

Time to take care of the freshly painted spindles and the new king pin set, This is how it turned out.

I started out by cleaning the mating surfaces on the front axles from oversprayed paint. A knife and some sandpaper, made it all clean and ready.

Then it was time to reem the bushings. Started out with the top bushings, and the conical guide pressed to the lower bushings.

Guide cone slides over the shaft of the reemer.

And presses firmly against the buhing hole. Make sure the hole is clean before applying the cone.

I increased the size of the reemer in multiple steps to make sure I dont make it to big, eventually it slid into place. If the bushings is alot smaller then the shaft, make sure to alternate between the lower and upper bushing when growing the reemer in size. When they are close to 0.8595 then focus on the upper bushing until the shaft just barley slides into place, then do the same process to the lower bushing for the final cut.

Reeming lower bushing, with the conical guide onto the upper bushing.

And eventually it slides into place, just like magic.

I made sure to pack the bearing good with grease.

Cleaned all the mating surfaces from paint, and assembled the spindles to the axle. Dont forget to see if the shims are needed onto the top mating surface.

Time for the locking pin.

Left side done!! big smile on my face.

Same procedure to the right spindle, Alternating top and lower bushings.

This side took two shims to get right.


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