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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Steering column dissmantling

As i am planing on using a CPP power steering box and wants to keep the stock column with manual gera shift linkage I need to do some modifications. First of all I need to take everything appart.

Stock -56 steering column with manual shift linkage.

Before tear down.

Time for dissmantling

Here is a view of the assembly layed out in the same order as they came of the shaft.

There was some kind of seal inside this part. Eventually it turned out it might be of leather and has the original part number 01A 7314. However they seems to be really hard to come by. The whole assembly has the partnumber B9A-7347-A and they seem to be still available at obsolete autoparts stores, but I got a tip that an o-ring 1" OD and 7/8" ID will fit right in.
Here´s some of the info I got from FTE Link

Some remnants of a leather/lubrication thing came out of there.

Got the shifter out of there by tapping the sprint out.

Top bearing is about 17-18 mm from the edge.

Steering shaft is about 45.7 mm out from the column end .
These dimensions can become handy during the modification.

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