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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mounting of CPP power steering box

I love good quality products....I certainly hope the steering box itself is better engineered than the distance tubes and the choice of bolt lengths.Those small tubes will put a lot of stress to the framerails. 
So I figured I needed to make an own distance plate, also it seems like I haveto go for metric on the bolts......bummer.

After making a drawing, a friend of mine helped me out cutting the distance plate out of a sheet metal piece.

If you want to make your own distance plate, these links will take you to the fileformat of your choice . Any laser/water/plasma CNC cutting company would be able to take it and cut out a plate for you.


The pdf file below is a plain old school drawing with dimensions on it so you can see it. The above fileformat are used to make the plate available for a CAD or CNC software


By the way. The thickness of the plate should be 3/4" or about 19 mm, same as the supplied distance tubes.

If you use these files for you own spacer, I would really appreciate a voluntary contributon to this paypal account:

Thanks in advance

Away went the tubes and on went the plate.


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