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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Steering column modifications, design stage.

I was inspired by a thread at FTE to try and make my own solution.
To combine the CPP 400 series power steering box and the stock steering column with manual shift .

As I dont have the cab mounted to the frame yet I didn´t know the distance between the end of the output shaft of the steering box and the floor of the cab, so I asked a friend of mine to take some measurements on his truck, and that turned out to be about 90mm or just above 3.5". The manual gear shift assembly at the end of the column is just about the same length 90mm or 3.5", then it seems that it will be quite tight, with the shifter arms to move freely. So I figure I need a little bit more room than 90 mm

Revision 1

The brown part is supposed to be a bronze bushing with 2 o-rings. The coupler is the flaming river FR1944. The sleeve outside the coupler and to the left of the bronze bushing is a lock ring that uses the existing set screws of the coupler. This is made to lock the steering shaft inside the column tube. The set screws is locked by a hex nut.

Revision 2

Same as revision 1 but the set screw is modified, shortened and slotted (see pic below) to be leveled with the outside diameter. And then secured with a punchmark at the slot of the set screw.

Revision 3

Same as revision 2, The part outside the bronze bushing is shortened to make as much place as possible for the manual shift linkage.

This short design gives me just about the 90 mm from the end of the tube (for the manual shifter to be mounted) to the cab floor. So it seems like I need a bit more tube (length of tube) to e on the safe side, without the need of fiddeling with the shifter arm design.

Revision 4

Same as earlier revisions, with the difference that the axial locking of the bronze bushing is replaced with set screws and grease fittings instead the of flanged bronze bushing as earlier. This makes is possible to implement everything inside the column tube. When assembling the unit, the lockring is mounted onto the coupler and the coupler is welded to the steering shaft. Bronze bushing is mounted on the inside of the column tube. Then the coupler and steering shaft is mounted onto the steering box and then the column slids ontop of the steering shaft and finally the column tube is secured to the cab floor.

This solution gives me about 115-120 mm from the end of the tube to the cab floor so that would give me about 1" (25mm) of free space between top of shifter assembly and floor.

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