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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Front wheel hub assembly

Time to assemble the front wheel hubs with new fresh bearings.

Above: Outer smaller roller bearing Timken 09067
Below: Corresponding race Timken 09195

I had a long e-mail conversation with midfifty regarding the brand of theirs wheel bearing, eventually they looked on the shelf and it said Timken on all 4 parts. Great!! when I got them one of all the roller bearings where of a nother brand "Nationals" thats not bad either but still? I would have like them to be the same brand all of the parts. Well I am not surprised any longer

Above: Inner larger roller bearing National 14130
Below: Corresponding race Timken 14276

I had made some markings on the inside when I took them apart. This says left front.(In Swedish)

Inner race in place and the roller bearing has been grease packed and put in place. Additional grease has been put on top.

Dust seal in place.

Put everything in place and rotated the hub as I torqued the nut until I felt a drag, then I kept rotating the hub and increased the torque sligthly. This to get everything to seat proparly. Then I backed everything back and started over, when I felt the drag I backed up the nut 2 slots. Done.

I dont have all the break parts quite yet (forgot to zincplate some stuff)  but couldn´t resist to try and put on the drums.....nice!!

The same procedure on the left side.

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