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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rear brakes, poor quality

I was putting the rear brakes and brake shields in place with all new hardware supplied by the axle supplier.....I suppose they have poor harware quality...???

One of the nuts where cracked wide open. Figured it might have been the zinc plating and hydrogen embrittlement. But if that´s the case there shouldn´t have been any zinc plating inside the crack and it was. This means it was cracked before it was zinc plated.
The second thing I noticed when attaching the parts to the rear axle was that the hex socket didn´t go on all the way over the nut. I belive something was interfering with the socket. It turned out that the nut was conical on the outside, Yeap you heard me. I am going to swap the hardware out for some quality made hardware.

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