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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rear brake hoses instead of brake lines??

I am trying to keep the apperence of the rear axle as clean as possible as this truck will have stock suspension and tires, so the rear axle will be visible from the rear. So the thaught struck me to use hoses between the stock rear single hose bracket and the cylinder and make a copy of the bracket on the opposite side. However when I took the front brake hose to the rear, there was already a hole in the frame rail similar to the hole for the front brake hose, so I just had to put everything together with the stock front brake hose. Like it was meant to be like this from the begining. Then my thaughts was to route the hard brake lines inside the frame to both sides.

I eye balled the hose with a loose wheel cylinder and everything seemed to fit, almost do good to be true.

The fact that the thread is sticking out from the house slightly, should not be any problem according to people I have spoken with.

The hose and wheel cylinder had a flare so the sealing should be just fine.

Here I have put everything together using the hose frome the front and it looks like it should work. This shows the suspension maxed out. As the build progresses I need to take close attention to this hose so that it doesn´t start to rubb against anything as the truck gets heavier and heavier and finally as the truck will get a full load when it´s all done.

What do you all think about this? anyone else tried it?

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